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Eileen's 'Insanity' Scores Its First Placement In The New Indie Film "Fakers"

First and foremost, we would like to thank Vanessa Lynn for believing in our art enough to include it within hers.

Set for release in April, Fakers tells the tale of Detroit based actress, Georgia Malone, whose dreams take her to Hollywood where she lands the leading role in a casting. Her dreams become nightmares when she is being connected to a mysterious string of crimes in Tinsel Town. Blindsided and confused, it's clear someone in her inner circle is behind the set up when personal information gets leaked to the blogs. With her life, career, and freedom at stake, the FAKER must be revealed before she is unjustly convicted.

Tickets for exclusive screenings are now available! https://www.fakersfilm.com/

Released in June 2019, off of Eileen's 'Redemption' EP, Insanity is a depiction of a person's state of mind as their heart transitions in and out of love.


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